Picture yourself sitting outside. It’s a warm day, and the sun shines brightly down on you. You feel the rays. You feel the heat. The energy moves through you. It gives you a feeling of being alive, of life itself. Light is life. Not unlike the sun, we all have a light, a unique ray of light that MUST be shared. We all have a purpose.

For the world to illuminate, each ray of light must be present, each ray must shine. We all have gifts to share; messages of love, of warmth, of inspiration, of power. Many people keep this to themselves. The thought may be “I’m only one person, what difference can I make?” Oh, what a difference you can make!!! It need not matter if you have a group of 1,000 hearing your words or only 1. Share your words, share your life, share your light.

Don’t let the light that lives inside you be hidden, don’t let your gifts go unshared, throw light at the darkness. While you share your light with others, don’t take that light for granted. Share your light with yourself; value yourself for all you are. Shine so bright, others will see you coming. They will welcome your presence, embrace you. Shine your light so bright that it’s blinding. Shine your light for others, for yourself, for the world!