A renowned singer, speaker and “soul-centered strategist,” Oya Thomas engages the minds of her clients at the heart and soul. The award-winning entertainer, activist, educator, producer, and author behind “The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose,” Oya has helped many achieve success and create positive change in their personal and professional lives as well as in their communities.

A talented recording artist, she has been singing and performing all her life, sharing the stage with David Foster, Brian McKnight, and Eric Benet, and has published books and guides on the development of the self and the soul. Her debut album “Spirit of Oya” is a compilation of R&B/soul and contemporary favorites and original songs. Her second album “My Father’s Star” is currently in development.

Oya earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Loyola Marymount University and her master’s degree in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Through her performances, motivational speeches, master classes, and more, Oya has empowered many. Her mantra, “Don’t let anyone or anything dim your light – including yourself! Now, go out and shine like the STAR you are!”

Experiencing the Spirit of Oya is more than a moment. It’s a movement. Oya sparks imagination redefines notions of community and inspires people to think differently about what they can create, together. Join the Spirit of OYA today.

Success is the freedom to grow, change, evolve, and do things you love. I believe success is the consequence of a big vision that comes true due to small actions taken daily.


Oya is a singer, philanthropist, and speaker who empowers communities to grow and glow. Oya is aware of how powerful the stories we tell ourselves are to shaping our feelings about the world. She believes in being that change you wish to see in the world. Her focus is on love for self and others, compassion, gratitude, and building community. We invite you on a journey of self-discovery to become the embodiment of all that you have dreamed, visualized and hoped you could manifest in your life.

Oya’s Cause:

Oya’s concerts and educational programs build community integrity, positive attitudes, and aspirations for future generations while inspiring others to adopt a growth-oriented lifestyle through Cognitive reinforcement and environmental curation.

Singing actually saved my life. Where I came from, life isn’t something you live, it’s something you endure. Through sheer stubbornness and the love of making people smile, I fought to become a person that could empower those around me. Learning what it took to build relationships and create spaces not only fostered growth but rewarded it.