The power of our thoughts is miraculous. They live in our mind and create our life. For better or worse, what we think dictates our actions, reactions, and emotions.  What we feed our mind, what we allow in to take root and grow, creates either healthy or unhealthy thoughts.

Are you up for a little experiment? Great! Take a moment and think about a goal that you have for your life.  It doesn’t matter if this is a short-term goal or a long-term goal.  Now, I want you to practice two ways of thinking about this goal.  First, think to yourself “Oh, I can never do that. That’s too hard. It will never happen.”  How does that thought make you feel? That doesn’t feel too hot, does it?  Now, let’s do the opposite. Think about that same goal, think of all of your talents, all of the things that you can offer the world, all of the things that make you unique, all of your gifts, and now think and speak it out loud “YES, I CAN DO IT.”  Say it loud; say it louder! Feel the power of what your mind can do, when you think of things in a positive light – those thoughts alone generate energy, a will, a joy, a knowing that all things are possible.

Have you ever thought about what you feed your mind?  Yes, you heard me! Feed your mind! Just as we give our bodies nourishment, we also must provide the proper and healthy nourishment for our minds.  So the question now is what are you feeding your mind?  And who do you let feed your mind?

Every day you are feeding your mind with thoughts about yourself, and YOU alone are responsible for your own thoughts.  Do you tell yourself you are not good enough, and so on?  STOP RIGHT NOW!  Turn it around. Make a big, gigantic U-Turn and run in the other direction. Cut off those thoughts as soon as they enter your mind, because once you start to think those thoughts, you may really believe it.  And you know what – IT’S A LIE! A flat-out lie!!!!!  Believe in yourself and tell yourself that you can do it.  And NEVER let someone else tell you you’re not good enough.  Well, you can’t actually stop them, but what you can do is let go in one ear … and that’s right – right out the other!!!  In the end you are responsible for what you believe about yourself.

So what can you do if your self-talk is typically negative?  Well there’s no other way to say it … let’s whip that mind into shape!  And I don’t mean let’s do it later, let’s do it tomorrow. NO, let’s do it NOW!

When you start feeling that negativity creep in, kick it out!!!  And don’t be nice about it – kick hard! Take control of those thoughts … and then turn it around … think it, shout it, scream it from the rooftops –“I CAN DO IT!!!”
And you know what … YOU WILL!!!!

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford