The World Boxing Council and WBC Cares, are thrilled to announce a partnership with Oya, a multi-talented woman of amazing passion and heart, who has consented to let us use her song, Look at Us Rise as the theme for WBC Cares at the WBC Convention.

This song, which specifically addresses Suicide, as well as the plague of racism and war permeating our broken world, is a bridge between despair and hope. It is with great honor that we will combine efforts and help spread a more positive and enlightened view of the possibilities that unity can bring.

Oya is, among other things, a mental health advocate, motivational speaker, composer and documentarian who is about to release her new film which chronicles the courageous story of seven people who battled with and overcame emotional obstacles during the pandemic.

Boxing is a multicultural sport, made up of differing people whose life are joined by the love of a sport. At its best, the community is a microcosm of the way things can be. This song expresses our deep desire to use our platform to do what’s right for all people; and the strength that comes from working together.

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