“My Father’s Star” Features Oya’s New Single “Look at You Now,” as Songs on New Album Address Mental Health, Empowerment and Soul Care —
“My Father’s Star,” the sophomore album by R&B/soul artist Oya Thomas, makes its debut at the start of Black History Month. Produced by Spirit of Oya Records, the album features a special compilation of contemporary ballads and gospel music covers, as well as original music by the award-winning singer/songwriter and author of “The 5 Star Points for Success.”

“This Black History Month, I wanted to shine a light on the darkness of mental health, depression and suicide, issues that have been a stigma in the Black community,” said Oya. “I wanted to address the pain we’re all working through. We all share in this journey of going from dark to light, pain to triumph. Especially now, it’s important for all of us to come together to heal and recognize our progress and potential as we move forward.”