Oya debuts music video of “Jesse” the first single from her upcoming album “My Father’s Star” and announces a series of projects centered on suicide prevention

Sept. 8, 2020 – Oya has released a new music video and re-recording of the stirring ballad “Jesse” by songwriter Janice Ian, in honor of National Suicide Prevention Week. “Jesse” is the first single from Oya’s next album “My Father’s Star” which features a curated list of both covers and original music by Oya, centered on the theme of mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and recovery. From Sept. 6-12, National Suicide Prevention Week is an annual campaign in the U.S. to inform and engage the public about suicide prevention and warning signs of suicide. Beyond this period, Oya will continue her advocacy for mental health awareness through a series of related projects.

The cause hits particularly close to home for Oya, a motivational speaker and author of “The 5 Star Points for Success,” an award-winning guide on how to manifest dreams and live one’s purpose. Speaking to thousands of students and adult clients throughout her career, Oya was moved by myriad stories told of battling depression and thoughts of suicide, shocking sentiments shared by both top-level CEOs down to the youngest of teenagers.

“Now more than ever, we need to talk about mental health and suicide prevention,” noted Oya. “We already had a growing national problem, but the pandemic is having a deeply profound effect on everyone’s mental health. I wanted to do more than coach and motivate through my speaking engagements. Since my last album, I’ve been focused on speaking, singing, and performing at live events. I wanted the next music I recorded to be even more meaningful and reach more people with a message of hope.”