Known as an incredible, inspiring speaker who can both captivate and entertain audiences, Oya is in demand for speaking opportunities across various industries. Whether to appear as a special guest, keynote speaker, or notable entertainer and leader, Oya can address and entertain a crowded auditorium of thousands to a small corporate board room of a few dozen. Oya draws from a wealth of experience as an entertainer, and also brings thoughtful, relatable experiences as an inspiring entrepreneur, a woman of color, community advocate, educator, and creative in the entertainment industry.

“Oya was awesome for our corporate wellness event! Positive and full of energy! Charismatic, captivating and inspiring!” 

Jill Y.

Evolution hospitality

Testimonial from Corporate Client

“Great energy, inspiration and tools to be authentic and build our personal missions to really be  effective in our jobs and our careers.”

Kim E.

Marriott International

“Dynamic Speaker!  Everyone in the audience hung on every word she had to share!” 

Robert N.

Garden Grove High School

“Oya was amazing at our event — so uplifting, motivational and real. I got compliments about her for days after the event. She is awesome and would be a great addition to any engagement you have.”

Kim W

Event Coordinator , Younique Cosmetics

Speaker & Workshop Demo for High School & College Students

Host and Emcee Video

The Oya Show

“Oya completely engaged our students!” 

Reina M.

Synergy Quantum Academy

“Everyone left her workshop motivated and focused!” 

Angie S

Oakwood Escrow

“Oya was able to engage with a student that has had some challenges in the past 3 years due to his learning disabilities and emotional issues. With Oya he was able to stay engaged which is very difficult for him and by the end of the workshop in just 45 minutes he was able to  state his goal for what he wants to do in life and learned what he could do to move forward.” 


Synergy Quantum Academy

“Thank you, Oya for helping me to figure out how to get to where I want to be, and for helping me to realize what things in my life have been stopping me from reaching my goals.” 

Angela Ramsey

Actress, Writer and Teacher

Oya Thomas lights up audiences with vitalizing talks that encourage others to love themselves and feel re-energized to tackle the tasks they’ve been given. She sparks change in attendees that will help them be healthy and more productive.

Oya has been called upon to teach workshops, trainings, and be the keynote speaker for all types of organizations from high schools and colleges to fortune 500 companies. Her talks and workshops address core issues being faced in the organization and produce real results and change.