I am so happy to be a part of this project. This documentary and program brings hope and support to people during dark times.

Jasmine Reyes

“Ending the Pain” is a movement that spreads love and healing!
It shows that in the darkest times we can find our greatest light.

Katrina Cable

When things get tough, you can push your way through because believe it or not there is always someone on the other side that loves you for just being you.

Minister LaTisha Thomas-Roberts

Ending the Pain Movement

Ending the Pain is both a documentary film and a life-changing program created with the hope to save lives. Powered and developed by Spirit of Oya Productions, the film chronicles poignant stories of suicide survivors. The program includes real tools and resources that can be applied to myriad individuals and situations dealing with diminishing mental health, depression, and/or thoughts of suicide.

Society today is facing multiple health crises at this unparalleled time, particularly in BIPOC communities. Although communities are getting closer to the end of the pandemic, the need for more discussion around suicide and resources to help end the pain of a mounting mental health crisis is still facing more men, women, and youth than ever before.

With a powerful message of hope and resilience, “Ending the Pain” amplifies the stories of survivors of depression and suicide, as well as those helping someone to be a survivor (via an intervention), and the family/friends of those who have lost someone to suicide. Accompanied by valuable resources, tools, tips, and information, “Ending the Pain” is now available for licensing by interested organizations, schools, or corporations.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-8255 | Chat With Lifeline

24/7 free, confidential phone line that connects individuals in crisis with trained counselors across the United States. People do not have to be suicidal to call – reasons to call include: substance abuse, economic worries, relationships, sexual identity, illness, getting over abuse, depression mental and physical illness, and loneliness.

Help Save a Life!

Make a Donation/ Become a Sponsor

Your financial support of “Ending the Pain” is greatly appreciated and allows us to continue and amplify this critical movement. Donations are directly applied to essential programming, production, publicity and promotions, community and industry outreach, and more.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to support this cause. Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page and someone from our team will promptly respond.

Licensing The Documentary

Licenses to screen or share “Ending the Pain” are available for interested organizations, schools, or corporations. Complete this form and a representative will follow up with more information on how to license and utilize this documentary program.

In addition to licensing, film personalities and other experts are available to speak virtually or in person at special events such as Mental Health Awareness Day. More information on hosting a live or virtual panel and/or mental health workshop is available through Spirit of Oya.

“Ending the Pain is an extraordinary film that I recently used for an advanced course for mental health clinicians on the topic of Suicide. The film beautifully conveyed the intricacies of the diverse internal psychological worlds of those who are suffering with suicidal thoughts. It’s a film that will make you think and re-think your assumptions about what is expected of us as humans at the most harrowing and haunting moments of our lives, when we ache and sob and find no solace. The film sketched a nuanced and complex portrait of what it takes to ‘hold on’ at those moments and the extraordinary possibility of beauty and joy when life’s most difficult moments are traversed.”

Alison Feit, PhD

St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute

Bring Ending The Pain to Your Organization

Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Workshop

Share the Stories – Hear impactful stories in “Ending the Pain” messages that can resonate with anyone dealing with pain, depression or suffering.

Recognize the Pain – Acknowledge depression or pain and then learn how to take the necessary next steps to healing.

End the Pain – Work with a team of trained experts to mend mental health and build the blocks to recovery, breaking the cycle at last.

Recenter the Soul – Take a soul-centered approach to help maintain a new path to success, letting you shine like the star you are

Attendees Will:

  • Learn how to end the pain through this life-changing program that is designed to give hope and ways to start living.
  • Leave the workshop with real tools and resources for themselves or those whom they know that experience thoughts of suicide.
  • Grow in awareness about depression, mental illness, and suicidality through this powerful panel discussion from suicide prevention professionals and suicide survivors.
  • Realize that they are not alone and get healthy suggestions on healing, coping, and connecting to the life they want and deserve.

Get Involved

  • Support the “Ending the Pain” documentary film and program by sharing with your family, friends, organization – anyone who can benefit from the film’s message and program resources.
  • License “Ending the Pain” for use during your mental health and wellness day with your school or corporation.
  • Contribute to the “Ending the Pain” mission by your gift or donation, in any amount. Special gifting levels also include additional benefits and services for donors.
  • Share trusted mental health resources with us. Do you have a resource like a published book, helpline, or support group that would enhance our “Ending the Pain” program? Contact Spirit of Oya today for partnership opportunities.
  • Work with us. Are you or do you know a suicide prevention specialist or other professionals in support of this work? Contact us to collaborate on outreach efforts as we work with multiple organizations and individuals.
  • Tell your story. Whether you are or know a suicide survivor, helped someone to be a survivor (via an intervention that saved life), or are family/friends of those who have lost someone to suicide, we are here to help you and, if interested, create space to share your story. Specialists who have helped save others from suicide are also invited for potential film profiles and/or interview opportunities.
  • 77% of Suicides occurred in low- and middle-income countries in 2019
  • Firearms accounted for 50.39% of all suicide deaths.
  • 93% of Adults surveyed in the U.S. think suicide can be prevented

Americans Died by Suicide

Leading Cause of Death in the US

Suicide Attempts in 2019

Avg. Suicides Per Day

About the Producer/Director

Oya Thomas is known as an ambassador and advocate for “soul-centered work.” A frequent motivational speaker for corporations and youth organizations nationwide, Oya is a “soul-centered strategist” who engages the minds of her clients at the heart and soul. The award-winning entertainer, activist, and author behind “The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose,” Oya has helped many achieve success and create positive change in their personal and professional lives as well as their communities.

A talented vocalist, she has been singing and performing all her life, sharing the stage with David Foster, Brian McKnight, and Eric Benet, and has published books and guides on the development of the self and the soul. Her debut album “Spirit of Oya” is a compilation of R&B/soul and contemporary favorites and original songs. Her second album “My Father’s Star” is a meaningful collection of songs centered around mental health, empowerment, and soul care. The music of “My Father’s Star” takes listeners on the journey of “Ending the Pain” offering support along the way.

“Ending the Pain” evolved from a passion project to the cornerstone of Oya’s work, bringing together her experiences as an educator, entertainer, and producer/director. The issues of mental health, depression, and suicide prevention have long touched her life’s work, and those experiences, combined with overcoming personal loss and challenges, have empowered Oya to take on this initiative. Through her signature “soul-centered” production and consulting company, Oya has successfully utilized music and arts to lead to healing growth and transformation.

Through her performances, motivational speeches, masterclasses, productions, and more, Oya has empowered many by using her platform to spread love, light, joy, peace, and harmony. Her mantra is “Don’t let anyone or anything dim your light – including yourself! Now, go out and shine like the STAR you are!” More about Oya and “Spirit of Oya” projects may be found at https://www.spiritofoya.com.

My Father’s Star has music that scores Ending the Pain and is about mental health awareness, suicide prevention and Soul Care. Click the cover below to get more info and buy the CD music from Ending the Pain.

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