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post title background What is Success?

We’re given a lot of mixed messages about what it means to be successful in our lives. And many of us want to – and even feel pressured to – succeed in everything we do. “Success” is a concept that’s incredibly important to me, and that’s why I wanted to take a moment to talk about what it means to me personally … and how you can turn your own quest for success into a positive, driving force in your own life.

First of all, let’s look at the official definition of “success:”  According to The Oxford Dictionary, success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose,” “the attainment of popularity or profit” or “a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.”

Although I believe that at a certain level, financial gain is a part of success, success to me is tied to accomplishment and our greater purpose on this earth, beyond mere “profit.” Money is not the heart of success, but a gift that comes when we really connect with our inner joy and discover what we were put here to do. I feel that I prosper most from the great energy that I get to give and receive daily. I do what I am passionate about, and the fact that I get to make money doing it and raise the vibration of fantastic people around the world is a wonderful blessing.

Many people I have talked to go out and get jobs with 6-figure salaries, but end up being miserable in their day-to-day. What fun is waking up every morning to a job you don’t even enjoy, simply to be able to say, “I am successful”? And if that’s your everyday reality, are you really successful? I believe you are successful when you get to do a job you love, are at peace and joyous. You might make less than you would at some other job – or maybe you will make more – but you will be genuinely happy.

I want you to take a moment and think about what moves you, what drives you and what you love. What makes you excited to wake up every morning? What brings you joy?  I think many of us get caught up in other people’s definitions of success, many of which revolve around making a lot of money. So, what does “success” really mean to you?

I wholeheartedly believe that we can have what we want. In fact, I know we can. I am happy and I keep learning, growing, investing and building for great success. But I also feel that I am currently successful … right now.

Success for me is living at the “authentic self” level. To be authentically “you” and live in a yummy place of love, joy and peace everyday is so grand. To really say, “I am happy” – and mean it – is success.

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