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post title background The Power of Delegation

You can’t do it all.

And trust me, because I tend to believe I am Superwoman and can do everything myself. So, if I say you can’t, you really can’t!

Here’s the thing: There are only so many hours in the day, and if we spread ourselves thinly across a million tasks that need to get done, we won’t do any of them well and at the level they deserve to be done. We need help. And I believe that we should hire talented people to help us do what they do best, so we have the space and peace of mind to do what we do best and thrive.

I come from a management and production background, but I still know when it’s time to step back and let someone else handle aspects of my business for me. I have been running my own business for many years and still sometimes still try to manage everything myself. But what I find is, the more work and success that comes my way, the less time I have to work on the administrative side of things, and if I do more administrative tasks, I lose out on the valuable time I need to spend on the creative aspects of my work.

Of course, until you get to the point where you can afford to hire help, you have to figure out how to run every part of your business yourself. But once success comes your way, trying to do everything can be detrimental to your career.

What do I mean by this? I can tell you from personal experience that trying to write a song, but also having conference calls with clients and having to create contracts and do phone and email follow-ups all in the same day can be overwhelming. Sometimes administrative work takes up my whole day, and I find myself totally out of touch with the process of “creating.” If you are an artist or other type of creator, administrative work can pull you completely away from the mindset you need to be in to create a song, painting or write another page of your book.

As artists running our own careers all by ourselves, we have to be particularly careful, because administrative tasks and the many other hats we have to wear begin to suck out our creativity and the energy we need to create great work.

Running your own business in a creative field is about balance and about being able to let go when you need help. I am a working artist, and I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by juggling my many moving parts: who I am; what I do; what needs to be done on both the creative and the business side of things.

Many artists decide not to deal with running their business at all and just focus on their art. But if you do not deal with the business tasks, then who will take care of your bookings? And who will get you the jobs in the first place? I hear artists complain often about not getting any work. But if you are not taking care of making the moves to get work, the work is definitely not just going to mysteriously find you.

I know that if you are an artist, you eventually have to find competent, skilled people to assist you with some of the administrative and business work, so you can focus on being an artist. Thanks to my management background, I know a great deal about handling bookings. And because I have many years of experience managing my own career, handling my own bookings worked well for a while. But now, with so much going on in my life, I have been reminded about how important it is to have management, an assistant, publicist, promoter, etc.

We all have to start from somewhere, so if you are at a point financially where you are not yet able to hire anyone, I can tell you, I’ve been there. I gradually built my team and am still building it. But once we get some forward momentum, we can’t be afraid to delegate and put others in charge. We just have to take the time to find the right people, because the ideal person that can provide you with the type of support you need is out there.

If you are overwhelmed by the thought of looking for help, start by thinking of people you may know already that can offer you some support. Get referrals, do interviews and work with some people on a trial basis until you find the right match. Remember – you are building an enterprise, so choose your team wisely. You need to be comfortable and secure delegating, so you can concentrate on your own expertise while they concentrate on theirs and help you build your company or brand.

Letting go can be very challenging when you are used to being Superman or Superwoman, doing everything on your own. But there comes a time when you cannot move forward until you release your grip a little, delegate and put some tasks into the hands of experts that can help you focus on your greatest strengths.

If you try to do it all yourself forever, you will inevitably stagnate and struggle to move to the next level of your career. Delegate, give yourself room to grow, become fantastic at what you do and have bright ideas that can help you achieve your wildest dreams!

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