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post title background Connecting with Spirit

In a busy world where so many people are telling us what to look like, how to feel and how to live our lives, it can be challenging to take the time to genuinely connect with our Spirit. Yet, even with all our busy-ness, we need to take the time to honor Spirit. But what exactly is “Spirit”? The idea that we each have a Spirit inside us is so foreign to many, because we tend to get wrapped up in what is going on in the external world and what everyone around us is doing. I have learned from … Continue reading »

post title background Overcome Fear of Failure

I have seen a lot of people not move forward because they keep holding themselves back, citing a variety of reasons. But what I’ve realized when I really looked at what was keeping them stuck is, the common denominator of their experiences has always been fear. And realizing this has made me wonder, is there a formula we can use to alleviate fear when it rears its ugly head? Now, I want to be clear:  We will all continue to feel fear when we encounter challenges in our lives. So, it’s probably not very realistic to seek out a formula … Continue reading »

post title background Thought Power

The power of our thoughts is miraculous. They live in our mind and create our life. For better or worse, what we think dictates our actions, reactions, and emotions.  What we feed our mind, what we allow in to take root and grow, creates either healthy or unhealthy thoughts. Are you up for a little experiment? Great! Take a moment and think about a goal that you have for your life.  It doesn’t matter if this is a short-term goal or a long-term goal.  Now, I want you to practice two ways of thinking about this goal.  First, think to … Continue reading »