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post title background Reaching High for Positive Vibrations

Because of the work I do, I often have the pleasure of coming into contact with many amazing and creative people who shine bright, reach high and stand out above the crowd with their positive vibrations. But I also meet others who are dimming their lights and giving into negative thoughts in order to fit in or “stay under the radar.”

What about you? Are you reaching high for positive vibrations and big dreams … or are you letting yourself play too small?

Ever since I was very small, I have always been very excited about the world and interested in getting into all kinds of adventures. But when I was growing up, because there were many that were not as energetic or excited as I was about living, I had very few people to share my dreams with. My brother was one of the few people as engaged in creating things that were out of this world as I was, so we were able to bond in a special way. I was never alone! But I know there are a lot of kids who are not so lucky and do not have this extra ray of sunshine in their home; they have to keep their light shining all by themselves, and that can be a challenge.

As much as I did stand out, sometimes I wanted to hold back, because it seemed at times that blending in was the best thing to do. I wanted to fit in, and I didn’t want to offend anyone. As a kid, I was surrounded by a lot of people that constantly talked about bad times and often competed with each other over negative aspects of their lives. For example, they would argue over who lived in the worst neighborhood or who had experienced the most hardship.  

Even though I did not come from a rich family and had some truly tough times (that I still remember well!), I was a pretty happy and spunky kid. Still, being around all those depressed and unhappy people sometimes filled me with anxiety:  I thought if I shined too bright, these people might not like me.

One of my most powerful memories is going to church as a child and hearing my elders ask members of the congregation, “How are you doing?” They usually responded by complaining about what they did not have or what a hard time they were having:

“I’m hanging in there.”

“I’m alright.”

“I’m not going to complain, but I could be doing better.”

“I would be better if I could just find a way to make more money.”

“I’m okay, but I have this pain.”

It was very rare I would hear someone say, “I am simply fantastic.”

I found myself copying these people’s attitudes and saying some of the things they were saying when someone asked about how my spirit was. I would sometimes say, “I’m cool,” or “I’m all right,” even when I was doing well, great or even totally fabulous!

As I got older, I started to own who I was much more often. If I felt fabulous, I shouted about it. I noticed sometimes my energy would catch people off guard, but it ultimately brightened their day. Surprise! Positivity is just as infectious as negativity!

So, the theory I sometimes believed when I was younger – that you have to blend in and hide your light in order to make others who are living in a grey or dark space more comfortable – was all wrong. If you just focus on being “you” and sharing and celebrating your many gifts, you might be able to raise the vibration of the people around you.  

When I share my positive attitude with people around me, I know I could possibly be changing someone’s entire life or planting a seed of my philosophy that will continue to grow and help them move closer to happiness. And this makes me want to shine even brighter.

I am so grateful that I stopped backing off and owned who I am. When I fully stepped into my own light, my life completely changed. My energy took on a life of its own and started to deeply inspire others.

Life is a gift. So, why wallow in stressful and negative thoughts when there is a great, big world out there for all of us to play in? You don’t want to hold back and later say, “I wish I would have done that,” or “I really wish I had given that my best shot.”

If you have a dream in your heart, go for it! Live it! Reach high, and go out and enjoy it!

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