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post title background Pushing through the Creative Overwhelm

I am scared.

(Yep, I really just said that!)

I am feeling anxious … nervous. As I take a break from writing my book The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose, I feel overwhelmed. I think, “Why did I do this to myself?”

“Why did I give myself this deadline?”

“How on earth am I going to get this done?”

“I need more time!”

I even think, “HELP!”

Goodness gracious, my creative rays of light: Have you ever felt this way? You probably have! Sometimes you might almost want to just give up, because it feels like too much to handle. That totally overwhelmed feeling makes you want to stop and do something else. You’re not alone! While I can, thankfully now shake off those negative feelings, I remember having those feelings of not being able to move forward — they are completely human!

Once I exhale and come back to my Spirit of Oya senses, and I remember why I set a goal of finishing this book now: Because I am going to get it done, “by hook or by crook,” as they say. So, then the positive thoughts take over (and they just keep rolling!):

“I am feeling courageous, collected, composed, brave and bold.”

“I have more than enough time with my outlined schedule.”

“I have all the support that I need.”

“I am great, and this is happening with ease and grace. I am honoring my decision to complete this book, and it is going to be fabulous!”

Just like everyone else, I feel like the walls are closing in on me sometimes. When I try to pull all the information I need together for my book and the other creative projects I’m cooking up in an organized way, my thoughts and ideas are here, there and everywhere! They are in my computer, on my digital recorder, on my notepad, on post-it notes …

Let me encourage you to fight that urge to stop! Work through it! In the past, I would distract myself by doing something else, because I felt like I’d bitten off more than I can chew. But now I realize I need to stay focused. Because, there is nothing more rewarding than getting that big, meaningful project done. I know I am going to work through any temporary “overwhelm” with writing my book, because, although I’m going a little nutty right now, I know I have to finish what I started. I made a promise to myself that I would finish, and it’s now or never!

I just know that now is the time to finish my book. When I decided to finally make my CD, I had this same feeling of overwhelm, but nothing that is great “just happens;” it requires hard work and discipline. As much as I love to flow in the energy of grace, sometimes creativity isn’t easy! Writing, recording or putting together any project you are working on just does not come simply sometimes. No matter how talented you are, it happens to the best of us: We look at a blank paper and try to get a hold of scattered ideas, some of which are great … some of which are not so great!

But I’m here to tell you, if you are in this same place of overwhelm, do not fret! Everything is a process. And once you recognize that and accept it as a part of the act of creating, you will feel the flow, and you will find grace.

If you can embrace what I’ve said above, you’ll save so much time during the frustration stage! It will give you permission to take a break, take a walk around the block, take a nap, or just chill out. But even as you do that, stay on top of it! No matter what, you have to promise it is going to get done. Once you make that promise, it will happen. You can do it! When you feel overloaded, you’re just having a little moment, and that’s okay!

Right now, I am definitely having a “moment,” but I know this book is in me. I know it’s time to take the program that I have been sharing with others for so long through my coaching practice and deliver it to the rest of the world.

The truth is, our minds need to complete projects so we have the confidence to succeed. Beware of starting and stopping things, because finishing a big goal and fulfilling a dream will give you courage that will help you continue to be someone who is successful at creating and fulfilling all your dreams rather than just a person who has a bunch of great ideas that never reach fruition.

We all know those people whose heads are full of great ideas, but they lack the follow-through to turn ideas into a reality. And then, when someone else capitalizes on their idea, they throw up their hands and say, “I had that idea ten years ago!”

My response to these people is always, Well, then why didn’t you do it ten years ago?

I’m not trying to be harsh, but we all need a little tough love in our lives. As a life coach, I believe in the art of coaching — so much that I have others hold me accountable for finishing my own projects. Sometimes, as focused as I am, with so much going on, I can get off course. I can feel extremely overwhelmed and anxious and need someone to keep me in check! Even if deep down you know you can succeed, words of encouragement or a nudge to get back on task can help you push through the tough spots.

And when I am working on a project with someone else, sometimes just the thought of knowing I told someone I would have something done by a certain date is enough to keep me moving! No one wants to be the one who didn’t do his/her part. When I get that email that says, “Hey, did you organize those notes/write that chapter/finish that section?” I want to be able to reply with a big, “Yes!” I don’t want to let the people I’m working with down, but most importantly, I don’t want to let myself down; I want to stay true to my mission!

If you do not follow through, you are actually telling your psyche it is okay if you do not follow through. You are allowing the fear to take over and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. And you know what? When you allow this to happen, you might never do what you set out to do.

So here is my advice to you (and the mantras I am repeating to myself right now):

Do not let the fear fiend grab a hold of you.

Do not let the anxiety animal take you over.

You must push through the fear. If your heart is pumping about a project, do it now! You must follow through, no matter what it takes. You will thank yourself for it, and it will give you the resolve to finish not only the project you are working on, but any other projects in the future.

I have the faith to push through now more than ever, because, after finishing the huge Spirit of Oya CD and making something I am really proud of, it showed me I can finish things! That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever completed, but I did complete it. Now my mind knows what I can do if I set out to do it, even when there are challenges! I felt the same sense of accomplishment when I graduated from college and from grad school. And whether you prove to yourself you can or can’t do something, that energy persists.

So here’s a question for you: What kind of energy do you want to carry with you in your life?

I’m here to tell you, you can get through anything. And if you really connect with what your heart says you are here to do and just set your mind to manifesting that dream, you will do it!

Of course, I fully believe that all of us need a support system, so just make sure you put that in place. You’ll need it for those challenging days when you feel like quitting — when you need to be pumped up and encouraged. Get those dream supporters to surround you, believe in yourself … and go for it!

And take heart that overwhelm, anxiety, nervousness and feeling a little crazy is all a part of creating something wonderful. As I send you good vibes to complete what you are working on, please send me good vibes and energy to give me additional strength to reach this goal of finishing The 5 Star Points for Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose so I can share it with all of you. We can do this!

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