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As I’ve continued to reflect on the inspiration behind my latest song “Pledge to Love You” this month, I’ve been thinking about ways I help people discover their gifts. I do my best to motivate and inspire, because I want people to take the steps to move forward with their dreams. Still, I understand that sometimes we just get caught up with life and the daily routine.

We have to pay our bills, take care of our kids and significant others, and, of course, take care of ourselves! While these tasks are all just a necessary part of the “daily grind,” I beg you, please don’t let yourself get so lost in the routine of life — of “working” for a living — that you can’t stop and enjoy. Because, what is the point of working if you are just spinning your wheels and not enjoying yourself?

And let me ask you another important question: Do you really like your work?

As an artist and entrepreneur myself, I love helping people make their dreams come true by blazing their own trail. And while not everyone has to be an entrepreneur or an artist, I do believe everyone should be at peace, connecting to the joy and love in their lives by using their unique gifts.

In my industry, I see a lot of fabulous artists getting caught up because of their extreme fear of failure. They may have even been successful at some point already, with a hit record, a big hit TV show … but now they don’t know what to do next, how the rest of their work can measure up. They are so scared of failure that they do nothing and let their gifts go unused.

Have you ever felt “stuck” like this in your own life?

Believe me, I understand the concept of fear holding you back. But it’s really difficult to digest why you would want to continue year after year, just sitting on a special gift you could be sharing with others, hiding your light.

When I was a little girl and also a young woman, I remember looking at different artists on TV or on stage, just longing to be there. I’ve always felt grateful that my heart and my spirit are allowed to express themselves through music and acting. My performances are how I share my gift as an artist, in the same way a painter takes a brush to a canvas, or a dancer swirls and twirls her body, saying so much without any words. And artists are not the only ones that share their gifts and create “art”t hat delights us all: Engineers build bridges and computer programs, fix electronics, or figure out how complicated things work so we can live our lives better. I am fascinated by so many people that do so many different things — things that are so much different from what I do every day. I glow when I see people taking pleasure in their work, no matter what that work is!

As an example, my father was a singer, but his chosen profession was master locksmith and carpenter. And boy, did he love it! He was the coolest handyman ever and delighted in fixing everything. It fascinated and amazed me to see him at work. I found myself wanting to find something around the house that was broken just to see if he could fix it, because it was so much fun to watch him.

And he never failed at a task. Going inside something and figuring out its mechanics — what made it tick — energized him. Hearing him in his workshop hard at work while singing a tune is how I most often remember my father. The energy was contagious! For him, being “Mr. Fix It” was a part of his identity. The work was not a “task,” rather something he truly enjoyed, deep in his soul. Whether he was fixing the car or a doorknob, he absolutely loved it. It was a natural high, much like the high I get when I figure out a lyric in a song and how to fit it in the melody. I get excited about my work — much as my father got excited about his work — and that is why I do it, no matter what.

What we should all note about my father’s job is that it did not make him famous; he was not world renowned. That’s not what’s important about doing what you love! The important part is that he was happy. Working in mechanics, carpentry and as a locksmith made him just thrilled to be alive. While he was recognized with awards and certificates on the job, he was not out to win a Grammy or an Oscar. His primary goal was to bask in the absolute joy of what he was doing.

While the Arts is what makes my heart race, you do not have to be gifted in the Arts or work in that field in order to do what you love for a living. Find what fills you up and live that dream!

Some people’s gift is their voices, while others use their minds or their hands. What’s your gift? Figure it out and use it!

My father’s words always resonate with me: “You better use the gift God gave you, or it can be taken away from you.” While I’m personally not a fan of scare tactics, I get what he was saying: “Use it or lose it!” If you have a gift, you need to nurture it, honor it and share it. Make sure you are using it every day.

How awesome would it be to wake up in the morning and be happy, to love what you do and be itching to get to work? How fantastic would you feel if, even when you are a bit overwhelmed and do not know where to begin (and kind of want to scream!), you know the outcome will be great because all the hard work needed to get to the end will be something you love?

We are all creators in our own right, whether we are building a home or a freeway, writing a book or a song, or helping bring knowledge to our children. Every day, we ALL make something. You might feel disappointed in yourself, thinking you don’t create, but take a step back: If from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to bed, you are working to bring yourself and others peace and love, you ARE creating something.

My song “Pledge to Love You” is about creating, expressing and sharing your gift. I urge you to take that opportunity, right here and RIGHT NOW to take the pledge to love yourself. When you love yourself, amazing things will happen for you and those close to you! That vibration of love will permeate everything you touch and joy and prosperity will come naturally. You are so important. So please, #pledgetoloveyou by using your gift!

And Check out my song
while you take the vow 🙂

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