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I have been thinking a lot lately about this phrase: “This too shall pass.”

Simply put, it means that everything we experience in this life, whether positive or negative, is temporary. But people usually say it to someone who is going through a painful time, whether physical, emotional or both!

Do you know where that phrase comes from?

I confess, I didn’t know for sure, so I did a little research, and it’s pretty interesting! It comes from writings by the medieval Persian poets. People often attribute it to an old fable about a king who is humbled when he hears those words said to him during a time of strife.

While that phrase can be humbling and put life into perspective, it can also make us feel a little frustrated when we are going through hard times. Whether you’re going through physical pain from an illness or injury, the emotional pain of grief and loss or something else that is making you hurt, sometimes it’s hard to see that the acute pain is temporary, that there is hope and things can get better.

If you are in a place of pain, I want to assure you, you can feel joy again! The best way to help you pass gracefully through this tough time and get on your way is to stay present, explore the source of your pain and move forward.

When you are working towards a heart-centered life, living out your purpose on this earth, there will be times you feel pain or discomfort. Sometimes, it will be so much, you will wonder how you can endure it.

But that pain can be a sign that you are standing right at the edge of revolutionary change. When you’re making a shift in your way of being, there are going to be some growing pains!


Stay focused. Check in with your dreams and your spirit. Imagine how marvelous you will feel when your dreams come true! Because, that is coming to you if you stay on your path! And that time when you know from the top of your head to the very tip of your toes that you are doing what you love and living out God’s plan for you is coming soon, so you cannot give up!

If this process of being the real you was easy, wouldn’t the whole world already be doing it by now? The fact that you are doing it is all that matters. You are strong and capable, and you have to see it through to the end!

If you are feeling emotional or even physical pain right now or in the future, “this too shall pass.”

If you are not sure, think about what it feels like when you start working out for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. You have soreness and pain at the beginning, but once you get into the groove, you are in the groove! And when you start seeing results? Well, it’s a lot smoother sailing, right?

So, this week and every week, when pain arises, stay present and involved in the process. And don’t forget to treat yourself with kindness and love!

There are going to be some bumps in the road towards manifesting your dream. You might catch a nail, get a flat tire or have to stop and ask for directions. But I know you can work through it and get back to steering yourself right to your dream destination!

This week’s star point: Take care of your spirit and take care of YOU. We all have pain, and we all get discouraged. We have moments when we need to take a step back and rest so we can build up our strength to keep pushing with all our might towards our heartfelt dreams.

This week’s star action: Pamper yourself! Even if it’s just for an hour or two, please take some time to do something that refills your soul. Go to the salon, do some shopping (even just some window shopping!), take a bath, take a nap, watch a movie or your favorite TV show, eat a good meal, rest, relax, unwind. We all need some “me time,” so let me give you the permission to take a breather so you are refreshed and ready to get back to work!

Now, what’s happening with you? Make sure you send me a message through my website or comment on my Facebook page or YouTube channel. I’d love to hear from you! You can also spread the love by sending this message to your friends!

And remember, Rays of Light … don’t let anyone or anything dim your light! GO OUT AND SHINE LIKE THE STAR YOU ARE!

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