Spirit of Oya

Energizing Through Music & Art

Get to know OYA with the FREE single “LOVE,” from her debut album Spirit of Oya. This groovy original shows OYA’s gifts as a songwriter and mixes together ingredients from R&B, Pop and Reggae into a flavorful treat. You’ll also be entered into a monthly drawing to win the

post title background Painted Sky – Northstar Dance Company

Painted Sky - Northstar Dance CompanyCommunity & “Arts in the Schools”

Native American Music & Dance Cultural Performing Arts Magnet

Endless opportunities through the world of Native American Traditional and Contemporary music and “the dance”

Native American Styles & Contemporary Styles, including Hip Hop, Tap, B Boy, Lyric and Jazz~

We come from Reserves, we come from Reservations, we are Urban, we are Intertribal, we are Native Americans. We are in COMMUNITY! We are in SCHOOLS! Building bridges and making friends, not hidden. We are still here. Native American history is an oral history. It is alive! “The Dance” is alive!! Our stories are our songs, our songs are our music and our music is the “The Dance”. Since 2005, each year Northstar has worked with national performing artists and touched thousands from all cultures and lands, the international and general community and the diversity of students in schools sharing who we are through the Native American cultural performing arts and film. It is a good thing to do and a good way to be … keeping the music and dance alive! Breaking down stereotypes, urban legend and folklore to the coming generations.

The Northstar Native youth/young adults music and dance program began because of a promise to a father to keep who we are as Native Americans in the light, not hidden. Music and dance has always served to be the universal language that connects and uplifts us all to “embrace the memories of who we are” and to keep on keeping on with pride and joy.

It is our passion and our dream to have donations come in to expand the Northstar Native American Music and Dance program to involve more Native youth/young adults urban, reserve and reservation. Participating in community and schools … not hidden.


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