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We often pull back when we are afraid, even when we are going after something we really want. Because we are so afraid of being hurt or judged, we stop before our prayers are answered and before we achieve our dreams. As we continue into 2013, I want to ask you to set aside the fear and take the action steps to live what is in your heart.

You might be asking, “How do I live what is in my heart?”

Truthfully, you just have to step through the fear and go for it. Maybe you just let 2012 slip by … or maybe you have been letting fear control you for years. Are you really willing to let another year go by without doing what you said you wanted to do?

I remember when I would fantasize about having a CD. I dreamed about it for three years, but just never made it happen. I had some valid reasons why I could not go after it during that time, but some of them were just excuses. The truth is, when you really want to do something, you will do it. So, what is your excuse this year for not going after your dreams?

Last year, I set a goal to put out my CD, followed through and made 2012 one of my best years ever. Now I am happily selling my CD worldwide, and we just completed the video for the single “LOVE” in December, which is now being seen by people all around the globe. The fabulous moment when this project finally came together would have never happened if I had not pushed through my fear.

We can always find a reason not to let our beautiful rays of light shine. But we all need to focus on all the reasons to let them shine bright for the whole world to see. If there is something aching in your heart, shouting out to be manifested, why do you continue to reject it month after month and year after year?

We just finished up February, but it’s not too late; you still have 10 months to start the project you’ve always wanted to complete. What is the dream you want to manifest? Maybe it is a CD trying to give itself a voice, a book that has been trying to push through or a personal living space project to improve your home environment. Your dream might also just be working harder than you ever have before to free your inner self. Maybe you want to finally get healthy and fit, and your goal is to get involved in a consistent program or get a partner or a trainer to hold you accountable. Regardless of what you hope to achieve in 2013, you just have to get serious, overcome your fear and do it.

We all have to train ourselves to get in a joyful and productive flow, especially if we have been trapped in a flow that is not supportive of what we want to do with our lives. For example, if you usually sleep in, but are trying to get into the flow of exercise and know that due to your work schedule, you need to get up an hour and a half earlier to work out, you need to find a way to get up earlier in order to kick start your day. And you also need to take the time to research the foods you should keep in your home that will support a healthier lifestyle, or you will never see those pounds you wanted to lose fall off.

If you have been wanting to write a book, you need to look at your schedule and find the chunks of time you need to accomplish that; set aside a specific block of time for writing every morning before you do anything else, in the afternoon, or before you go to bed. If you really want your book to take shape and become a reality, you cannot make any excuses about your work hours, your kids or how tired you are; you just have to stop complaining about what is getting in the way of your dreams, push past your fears and find the time to start writing.

So, do you want to continue to complain about how horrible you feel or look, or do you want to make a lifestyle change and start exercising, eating right and feeling great inside and out?

Do you want to keep talking about how much you hate the job you have, or start getting aggressive about seeking out the ideal job for you – one that will make you feel happy, fulfilled and worthwhile?

Do you want to complain about this project you want to do, or are you finally going to focus on it and outline the action steps you need to follow in order to see your dream come to life?

It may already be March, but it is still a new year, and it is time to bravely step through your fear so you can share your gifts with the world. What are you waiting for?

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