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post title background Moises Suriel creates pencil portrait of Oya


I am so excited to share a piece of art that a Beautiful and Talented “Ray of Light” named Moises Suriel created for me.

Moises Suriel put a major smile on my face and heart when he emailed me one night watching the Olympics. After reading one of my blog posts “Live Your Dreams” he informed me that he was inspired to draw a pencil sketch of me. Moises said, “Blessings Oya, I drew a pencil sketch of you tonight on my drawing pad while watching dreams being fulfilled in the Olympics. My wife insisted that I show it to you, hope you like it.”

I anxiously scrolled down to see the picture and what I saw was such a beautiful pencil portrait of myself that I was simply in awe! Did I like it? I loved it! I sat there for several minutes just staring at the piece with a smile.

Moises made my night and he continues to make me smile every time I look at the portrait. I smile not only because of how awesome I think it is visually but because he inspired and encouraged me. The fact that he created it within the energy of dreams delighted me. Many of you know I live and breath bringing dreams to life so this was actually a big deal. This portrait was a confirmation that people like Moises out there in the world that have never met me can be inspired by and get what I am doing. What a blessing!

I contacted Moises to thank him for his time and loving energy in creating this piece. He expressed how I inspired him and then I told him how he encouraged me and those words uplifted him. What a lovely ongoing circle of energy!

I have since learned so much more about Moises that I am excited to share with you soon. He is a special “Ray of Light” that is not only living a bright life himself but shining his light on others and communities that could use more light and love.

In the meantime check out more of Moises on his  Website or Facebook Fan Page his creations are AMAZING!

He specializes in portraits, skilled in oils, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, and pastels.

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