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Today I’d like to share some thoughts with you about your creative space.

First, though, let me ask you an important question.

Do you often feel like you don’t have enough time to get your work done?

I talk to a lot of creative, and there’s something they all have in common: A lot of them say they don’t have time to really get their best work done.

This may sound a little harsh, but … “I have no time” is just an excuse.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Who is she to tell me I’m not busy? She doesn’t know my life!”

The reality is, once we start to look at our lives closely, we will find we actually have more time than we think to devote to creative projects – enough time to make an impact.

Even if you tell me you barely have 30 minutes a day available, you can still make progress with that much time. If you add it up, you will find you have hours per week to put into your creative dreams. Sure, it might take you longer to complete projects, but you can still get a finished product in a matter of months.

I used to be big on the “I don’t have time” excuse until I stopped and actually looked at where my time was going. Guess what I discovered? Technology and other distractions can suck away our time before we know it!

Here’s a thought: We have 24 hours in a day, 16 hours when we are not asleep. Even if we work an eight-hour shift somewhere, then we still have eight hours left.

But what about cooking, eating, getting kids off to school and all the other parts of your routine?

YES. Even after those tasks are done, you still have time!

Most people don’t work every single day, and many have the whole weekend off. Even if you can “only” set aside 30 minutes a day to write, practice voice, draw, work on an invention, that’s still 30 minutes of dedicated time spent pursuing your dream!

Even if you only have that time four days per week, it adds up to a couple hours, six hours per month.

In three months, guess what? You’ll have 36 hours!

Do you see where this is going?

With patience and perseverance by your side, you have no excuse not to create.

Here’s what happened to me right before I finally realized this.

I was regularly saying, “I have no time.” So, I used technology to see where all this time I didn’t have was really going. I clocked EVERY SINGLE THING I was doing every day. I used the clock program on my phone and had my assistant clock it in every time I did anything during the day. I tracked taking a break for TV, to surf the internet, to cook, work out, do homework … anything and everything!

Boy oh boy did I have a rude awakening!

I was surfing the Internet SO MUCH. I was looking at new fashions, shoes, cute animal videos and pretty much anything and everything that was unrelated to getting my music or book written.

I also spent tons of time on the computer doing tasks that weren’t productive or even necessary!

At the end of my little experiment, I was able to find two extra hours EVERY SINGLE DAY that were mine for the taking.

I can’t lie: I still do some fun surfing now, but I have really cut back! I save the fashion and cute animals for when my work is done for the day.

With that in mind, here’s this week’s Star Point: Find out which activities bring you joy, then vow to make more time for them! If you could spend your time doing anything in the world, what would it be?

And to take that idea even further, here’s this week’s Star Action: Write down all the activities that bring you joy. Think big! Write down everything you can think of!

Once you’ve done that, look at that list. Cross off all the activities that don’t bring you ENOUGH joy to justify taking time away from continuing your life purpose and developing projects that will help you live your dream. Even just this small exercise will give you a good start on finding more ways to make quality time to do the things you love that make you feel like the creative being you are inside. You’re worth it!

Here’s to continuing to find the joyful path towards living your life to the fullest and getting everything you’ve ever hoped for!

I really want to hear about all that’s happening with you. Send me a message here, through my website or comment on my Facebook page or YouTube channel. I’d love to talk!

And remember, Rays of Light … don’t let anyone or anything dim your light!

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