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post title background Life is a Miracle

Jackpot with stars on white background - High quality 3D RenderI am always fascinated by human life and the science of anatomy. And you know what? Science proves just what miracles we all are. Just the fact that you are here means you won the lotto!

Think about it:  Hundreds of millions of sperm are released, and each sperm tries to go for the egg, but only one can win. Some sperm die, and others get lost while swimming the equivalent of several miles to the egg.

Finally, one lucky sperm penetrates and fertilizes the egg. And life has begun … your life.

The egg and the sperm join to make you the human being you are. Those two small cells come together, and a miracle begins. 23 chromosomes from Dad, and 23 from mom combine to give you the gift of DNA that will give you life. This is the fragile place where you once began before you turned into the little human being you once were.

Красивая беременная девушкаAs the months pass inside your mother’s body, so much could have happened — so much could have gone wrong. Yet, still, you developed into a healthy, thriving embryo.

Even before all your organs developed, your heart was beating. You had the pulse of life! (And I often think we connect with our hearts first in life because it is the first organ we get in the womb.)

And as an embryo, you began to develop into a fetus. Where there once was nothing, there was now a fetus — alive and kicking in the mother. You became something special that could be felt and seen.

And even as your mother hit the last trimester, and you got ready to emerge into the world, there were so many things that could’ve gone wrong. But guess what? You are reading this! You survived! You are here.

Certainly, when you were first born into the world as a baby, you were fragile. But you made it through those delicate baby years, and then you even made it through your childhood. You learned to be alive and to live in the beautiful world.

Sperm and EggAnd then, after all you’d been through, you gained your independence and began to express your personality, your purpose, your light and all you fought through to come into this world — those important and unique pieces of you that you still carry with you right now. As I say in my song “Pledge to Love You”:  Share, create and express. You came to do this. You have the chance and the gift of life.

Knowing what an amazing and miraculous thing it is that you are here, what are you waiting for? What is holding you back from living a beautiful, blessed and powerful life?

I’m not saying we don’t all have issues. But I am asking you to think of all the strength that has been inside you since your conception. Think of why you came here and about your life’s purpose. Are you really going to give that up now, after all you’ve endured?

I believe with all my being that we all came here for a reason, and I, for one do not want to waste my breath of life. Because, the harsh reality is that just as we are fortunate to be given life, so shall we perish. And at the end, I always say I would like to have tears of joy for what I did in this life instead of tears of regret. And we all have an opportunity to experience this joy every day!

Because, it’s true:  You’ve won the lotto, because you are here! Now, find something magical to do with your winnings!

What do you want to leave behind? What is your legacy? It is different for everybody. But, what do you want your name to represent? What is your light, and the light you will leave for your children?

What do you want to do in this world?


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