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post title background Journey to a supportive environment

I want to take you on a short journey.  Close your eyes and imagine your home. Picture yourself putting the key in the door, turning the key and walking in.  Look straight ahead and to the left and right. Now in your imagination, move through your home, each room. Take in what it looks like, what it smells like, how each room makes you feel. Open your eyes and take a moment or two to take in those feelings.  Absorb them into your soul so you can really, truly feel.

For the next part of the journey, I want you to do the same thing again but with a little twist.  Close your eyes, but now as you walk through your home, I want you to imagine how each room would look, smell, feel if it was exactly what you wanted.  And now, I’m not talking about material things – no I’m not talking about “Oooh I wish I had that 60 inch big screen TV!”  I’m talking about imagining what you want with what you have. Well, maybe there would be a little tweak here or there.  Now open your eyes and do the same thing as before. Absorb these feelings, emotions, visions into your soul.

Which “vision” makes you feel better?  And more importantly, which vision makes you feel more at home?  Because shouldn’t your home make you feel comfortable and “at home”?!   Oh yes it should! Your home should and can be a place that supports you and reminds you of where you want to go.

OK, so if you are feeling great and your vision and reality are the same, I’m elated! But if you are feeling as though your vision and your real home aren’t in alignment we have some work to do!  So let’s go for the ride.

Let’s start by talking about your environment.  What you surround yourself with, what you look at every day, what you walk through, the pictures you look at should all make you feel joy. When our surroundings are a crazy mess, we cannot feel at peace.  When we have items in our homes that remind us of something negative, how can we feel joy when we look at those items?

Our homes are our sanctuary. They are the place where we should let go a sigh of relief when we walk in the door from a difficult day. It is a place where we should feel at peace.  Hey, let’s admit it, not all of us are neat.  But organization helps us from the stress of trying to find missing things. We may not all love to clean. But doesn’t it feel great to walk into a clean home, especially your own clean home! So think about those things and how you can take steps in the right direction.

So, in a loving way I challenge you to start taking steps to create that home environment you dream of –  the one where you are surrounded by the things that make you feel joyful, the things that make you want to be at your home, feel “at home” and at peace.  Help your environment help you manifest all you want in life.

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