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Oya Thomas is a nationally-known inspirational speaker who lights up audiences with vitalizing talks that encourage others to express their authentic selves.

oya-headshotInfused with compassionate, loving, powerful, divine energy and her bubbly sense of humor, her thought-provoking presentations incorporate lyrics and spoken word to raise consciousness and increase any room’s vibrations.

Oya is a long-time leader and entrepreneur and uses her education and rich life experiences to guide each speaking engagement. As a speaker, an artist, and a student of psychology and spirituality, she has always taken the initiative to go after her own life’s passions with graceful gusto.

At age 10, she began to work as a paid event singer and actress, eventually launching her own modeling and talent agency in high school, which evolved into a production company. And her lifelong quest to learn about the mysteries of the mind led her to earn a B.A. in Psychology from LMU Loyola Marymount University and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Her highly-specialized degrees, her deep knowledge of business and the artistic field, plus the fact she has seen both the glorious and the challenging parts of all sides of the entertainment industry has taught her, first-hand, the keys to being successful. The wisdom she has gathered through years of hard work, study and life lessons gives her unparalleled expertise to help the women, artists and children she coaches discover ways to become leaders and find happiness.

Combining an up-front, real attitude with a contagious, pure conviction that life should be lived with joy and courage, Oya delivers practical strategies to help people truly embrace the gift of manifesting their dreams.

Oya has spoken at women’s groups, seminars and workshops, schools — junior high schools, high schools and universities — and church and community events. The depth of her knowledge and curriculum gives her the ability to custom-design talks so they are tailor-made for each group.

In addition to speaking to groups Oya provides personal coaching for select individuals. Due to her schedule and commitment to providing personal attention to each and every client, Oya is only able to take on a few people. Please send inquiries about her availability to .

"She will not let you off the hook but holds you in the loving. This environment has allowed me to see so much for myself including but not limited to taking a real look in and finding out what I want then creating a plan to achieve these goals."

J.R., Teacher and Graduate Student

Signature Talks

Inspire yourself and guests at your next event to shine your bright light in the world with Oya Thomas’ energizing Signature Talks. Through these programs, participants learn how to silence criticism, blame and excuses so they can align and co-create with their spirit and build a loving relationship with themselves in order to really connect to their dream and find the courage to live it. She helps them access the unstoppability of their inner child, who is without restraints and judgements, and delivers the mindset and practical tools needed to achieve dreams and get into the zone of following life’s greatest passions against any odds.

"Wow, where do I begin? This workshop was the best investment I could have made. I started with very little hope and ended not only inspired  but with tools to succeed. I know this sounds crazy but 3 months later I started a healthy relationship but only because of what she taught me about starting a healthy relationship with myself first. Before this workshop I pretty much gave up on a good relationship. I moved forward with my dream company and I am actually finding out what it means to be happy. Thank you Oya!"

Melanie Hunter

Shine Like the Star You Are

Are you at peace with your mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment? This seminar explores the “5 Star Points for Success” — the philosophical basis of all Oya’s programs — and teaches you how to strip your life of limitations and give you the inner confidence to live life fully, so everyone can see your beautiful light shine. She shares the five elements — MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EMOTIONS and ENVIRONMENT — that she tuned in to as she was building her own foundation as a successful artist and fully-present human being. And she gives you the strategies you need to follow to become aware of these elements in your own life to find the strength and momentum necessary to manifest your dreams and create tangible success through positive thoughts and real action.

"I was ashamed at first to talk someone about all the things that I wanted but could not achieve. Fact is I did not even know where to start. I was also very concerned about what you would think or others would think. It took some warming up to but by the second and third conversation I started to feel free. I realized that you were not judging me and was there to support me. In continuing with you I was really able to release things that were weighing me down and keeping me away from achieving what I really wanted. When I look back I am amazed at how negative I was and how I let myself go after the kids. The opportunity that you gave me is priceless. You really helped me clear the way to reconnecting with who I really am and allowing my true self to shine. I am so happy to have connected with you."

A.L., Housewife, Mother and Business Investor

Prosperous Dreamer: From Starving Artist to Stardom

Even the most incredibly talented artists doubt themselves. Whether they are barely making it financially, or wildly successful and just unhappy in their lives, they are surviving instead of thriving. Why? They are mired in the stress of being a “starving artist,” because they never built a solid foundation that would help lift them out of “survival” mode. This seminar provides those that are ready to take the next step on the journey of fully showing up in their artistry with a roadmap for the winding path that goes from surviving, to sustaining, to thriving. Once again using the “5 Star Points” system and her own experiences within the entertainment industry as a guide, Oya walks participants through each stage of artist growth and helps them create a leveraged progression plan that starts with making ends meet each month and ends with them breaking through the barriers and prospering from their dreams.

"I simply want to say, Thank you. I am able to see the world in a whole new light. What is best is that I am really honoring myself and truly living my life. It is not just some spiritual fluff that I can really live the way I desire. I really have been able to see and feel the shifts. I have really started to truly live a life full of possibilities and my potential is limitless. I am open to receive and just so thankful."

A.T., Artist and Writer

Woman Warrior Within

So many women nurture others, yet do not nurture or love themselves; they dim their lights because they are too busy trying to help others shine theirs. And many women stopped believing in their dreams when, as children, someone they admired told them these dreams were impossible or made them fear living out loud and fulfilling their heart’s purpose. As a lifelong business woman and entrepreneur, Oya understands that women face unique challenges when trying to grow into their power. In the “Woman Warrior” workshop, Oya teaches women how to become strong business women through the “5 Star Points System,” but also how to make space for the loving, nurturing time they need to support a joyful, emotionally-healthy life. Some topics Oya explores in this workshop are money, relationships and dating, being whole (with or without a significant other), balance and harmony, navigating business as a woman, self nurture/self love/self honor and some practical ways women can look drama in the face and learn, laugh and grow from the experience.

"I must tell you that your presentation was so eloquent and professional. The time and patience you've shown us was a real eye opener. Once again thank you very much for your professionalism, your knowledge and your warm spirit."

Mr.& Mrs. Lamar

Teen Dream Makers

Teenagers are being bombarded by new experiences, and emotions run high in that fragile space where they are growing into adulthood. The outcome of decisions made during the teenage years can last a lifetime, but at this age, the mind is not always mature enough for all the situations it will encounter. Pressure and criticism from their peers and adults can sometimes shut down their bright light and their hope that they are capable of doing something fantastic with their lives. Through the “Teen Dream Makers” workshop, Oya provides a space for healing growing pains and cultivating dreams, to let young people know it is okay to have big plans for their lives. She shows them how to apply the 5 Star Points system to their unique experiences and gives them tools to learn how to manifest their dreams. She also encourages education and the important foundation that higher education can help build, by teaching teenagers how to balance homework and school with friends and making the best decisions for their future. Oya’s ability to be a “big kid” and connect regularly with her little girl who enjoys the silly and fun things in the world, while still utilizing the wisdom gained from her life experiences and her education helps her forge meaningful connections with young people and inspire them to keep use what they love as a way to get them aligned and resonating with positive vibrations.

Let Oya lift you up today and learn how to say, “I am Love. I am Light. I am Peace. I am a Divine Being. And I feel free to LIVE.”

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