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I Am a Ray of Light

I Am a Ray of LightI Am a Ray of Light is a movement Oya started to celebrate the positive vibrations of those who are bravely shining their lights in the world, and to encourage them to keep the energy surging by sharing their inspirational stories and getting others excited about living out their own hearts’ dreams.

No matter where you live and breathe, you have the power to ignite the dreams of those around you, starting ripples of light that can spread throughout your own community and even the entire world. Whether you are expressing yourself and sharing your passion for life through your artistic gifts, or through work with others in your local city or town that sparks positive social change, your fire burns bright.

"I think of all my wonderful supporters as Rays of Light, who graciously give me the love, support and fuel I need to continue to spread my spirit's message through art and music. We can all be Rays of Light and give each other yummy, limitless inspiration and encouragement, creating an eternal circle of radiance that makes the planet we all share a more beautiful place."


I Am a Ray of Light is about motion and flow. It is about pushing yourself to live out your dreams, and in turn inspiring others to achieve theirs so everyone can live a joyful, passionate life.

Oya would like to celebrate all of you that are giving and receiving God’s grace and creating abundance by featuring your special story about how you are a Ray of Light, as brilliant as the Rays of Light in the compelling stories below!

Peace & Blessings, Oya

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Painted Sky - Northstar Dance Company

Featured Ray of Light: Painted Sky – Northstar Dance Company

We come from Reserves, we come from Reservations, we are Urban, we are Intertribal, we are Native Americans. We are in COMMUNITY! We are in SCHOOLS! Building bridges and making friends, not hidden. We are still here. Native American history is an oral history. It is alive! “The Dance” is alive!! Our stories are our songs, our songs are our music and our music is the “The Dance”. Since 2005, each year Northstar has worked with national performing artists and touched thousands from all cultures and lands, the international and general community and the diversity of students in schools sharing who we are through the Native American cultural performing arts and film. It is a good thing to do and a good way to be … keeping the music and dance alive! Breaking down stereotypes, urban legend and folklore to the coming generations.

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