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post title background How to Tune Yourself Like an Instrument

Staying in tune with yourself is incredibly important. Just like a guitar, a piano or any other instrument, we can sometimes get out of tune. And when we find we are out of tune, this is exactly when we need to make adjustments.

When we meet a special person that has that “certain something” we can’t put into words, we will often say, “I love his/her vibe.” I think the fact that we so often put our sense of other people in these terms says something really important about us:  We all resonate on a certain vibration or frequency. And I’ve noticed that people that have done a lot of work on their lives resonate on a higher level of consciousness than those that may not have set the valuable time aside to focus on themselves yet.

I want to tell you something personal about myself:  I have done work in my life that I didn’t even know I had to do. Since I was a little girl, I have been chipper and happy, simply striving to help others find their own happiness through music and the Arts. And my lifelong interest in psychology and decision to study and practice it was an outgrowth of my desire to help keep families and relationships together and help people learn how to have a healthy and happy relationship with themselves so they can live peacefully, joyously and with deep love, fully living their dreams.

I was also always aware that different people could come in and out of my life and make me either feel better … or not so good. I realized it was not that they could change me or that they had power over me; what I was feeling was a “vibe” that was either in tune with, higher, a little under or much, much lower than my own. And the really low energy has always been something I know I do not want to be around as I continue to evolve as a person.

Knowing that you are on an evolutionary journey – that life is a process – what do you do with those around you that are not growing with you at the same pace … or not growing at all?

If you want to invite something special and wonderful into your life, many say you need to hang out with positive people who will support your goals and dreams. Similarly, if you want to be wealthy, you need to hang out with those who are wealthy instead of spending time with those that complain constantly about being broke and not having anything. And when you want to evolve spiritually, then going to church, temple or spending time in spiritual environments will open you up to the world you want to know.

Undoubtedly you have at some point in your life admitted you want something. If you have ever wanted something or have a dream now, I have some great news for you:  Our society blesses us with a lot of opportunities to get what we want. If you want something, you can get it! But there are also plenty of distractions out there that can potentially lead us down a dangerous road that will bring us down to a lower vibration.

In our lives, we will all have to face some difficult choices. All of us have had friends or family members that just bring us down. We will be completely happy and on a positive path, and then these people will enter our lives, flooding it with negative energy. We have to be cautious about what we subject ourselves to and set limits with these negative forces and be in touch with what our threshold to this kind of behavior is.

As an example, think of an alcoholic. An alcoholic cannot be healed by going to a bar with his/her friends. After many years, once the smell or sight of a drink is not a temptation and a source of pain, the alcoholic might be able to enjoy the company of friends in this setting again and abstain from drinking. But think of it this way:  If you know alcohol is keeping your “instrument” out of tune, why would you want to go into an environment where it is prevalent?

If you want to learn how to stay in tune with yourself and keep vibrations high so you can live your dreams, start by asking yourself some questions:

What type of people are you hanging out with?
Which types of places are you frequenting?
What (and who!) are you listening to?
What are you reading, watching on TV and browsing on the Internet?
What are you doing to raise your vibration … and what might you be doing to lower it and inhibit your evolution?

The point is, you need to be very careful of who is in your space and what you do in your life, because you could be bringing something close to you that will take you down.

I challenge you to focus on yourself, make adjustments, find your pitch and sing it out loudly to everyone you meet. Embrace your growth as an individual and get in touch with your own “vibe,” so you can spread your light and manifest your dreams!

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