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Let’s Get Emotional

Like Whitney Houston sang in her song “So Emotional.”

Yes, “I get so emotional.”

Emotions are one of the cornerstones of my patented 5 Star Points system, and I believe they are allies. One of life’s greatest gifts is the ability to feel true emotion.

I’m sure you’ve heard emotions talked about in negative terms – even positive, big emotions that fill the world with joy are seen as obstacles!

Have you ever cried happy tears of joy or deep tears of sorrow, had an outburst of feeling and been told, “Oh, stop it! You’re just so emotional!” Our society sometimes teaches us to push feelings down – that they are “inconvenient” and get in the way of us staying on course and achieving our dreams. We are told that thinking with our head often beats thinking with our “hearts.”

 I’m here to tell you, you’ve been lied to! Your heart and your head can be the best of friends and help you achieve amazing things, and your emotions are a key ingredient in helping you live your life’s true purpose.

How can this be? Whether elation or sadness, emotions let us know we are alive and are capable of feeling deeply. Human beings share this beautiful capacity for feeling, and it makes us mighty! It gives us great strength.

 Of course, when you feel positive emotions like joy, it’s smooth sailing. You feel that happy goodness bubbling up and you celebrate!

 Talking about joy is easy though. What I want to talk about is those uncomfortable emotions that overwhelm you. What about sadness? Life isn’t perfect, so that’s bound to happen. Sadness isn’t easy to accept, is it? And when it comes calling, it’s easy to try to push it away and ignore it.

 I urge you to fight against that! When sadness comes, find that strength I know you have and face it. Explore why you’re sad, bask in it a little. Once you feel it, you’ll be able to move on. And you will move on!

 What if you can’t figure out what hurts? Sometimes we can have so much coming at us that we are pushing down that we get emotionally numb. We can’t even cry. We can’t find the release that helps us move on.

 I get really excited when I’m working with someone, and the tears start flowing. Why? Because that is when I can really help them connect to what’s going on inside them. That moment when you finally release those big, bad feelings of sadness is when you’re going to be able to finally understand your truth.

That moment when your emotions are running hot is when you are on the edge of taking a trip into your authentic spirit. It’s when you can unlock a secret part of your spirit, confront it and move forward.

Your emotions are where your energy lives! That energy is where you’re going to find what you need to build a rock-solid foundation rooted in the 5 Star Points that guide my life:  mind; body; spirit; emotions; environment. It’s in that foundation that you’re going to find your mission and your purpose on this earth – and be able to do what you’ve always dreamed.

Now, I want you to take a moment right now and think about a major issue you are going through in your life right now.

 Need an example? Maybe you hate your job, and you’re trying to decide whether to stay or go.

 Now, what are the facts of the situation? How does it make you feel? How is it directly affecting your day-to-day life?

 Once you can answer these questions, you will have the clues you need to turn your emotions into positive energy that can help you move forward and fix what ails you!

Remember that how you treat yourself as you’re getting through this challenge is the real issue. Take a deep look within yourself treat yourself with kindness as you work towards a solution. Embracing your emotions and letting them flow is how you’re going to find a way back on the road to living your life’s purpose.

I believe in you!

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on emotions. Comment and share with someone you feel this could inspire.

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