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post title background How to defeat the Fear Monster

All of us pull back from achieving our dreams from time to time, because we are just plain afraid. Our dreams are so precious to us that when we find ourselves in a place where we can act on them, we are afraid to push ahead. Those nasty, worrisome thoughts crowd up our heads. Fear can be your worst enemy!

Do any of the following questions sound familiar?

“What if it doesn’t work, and I’m left with nothing?”

“What if I go for my dreams and find out I’m not strong enough or don’t feel good enough to achieve them?”

“What if bullies judge me, ridicule me or make fun of me because they think my dream is silly?”

I’m here to tell you that everyone is afraid of failure. All of us believe, from time to time that if we fail at achieving our dreams, we’ll have nothing left to live for. This fear can paralyze you, but you don’t have to let it. You can find out what is blocking you and what is holding you back … and to give resistance a voice, so you can shut fear up right here and now!

Believe me, you can do this! There was a time when I could only fantasize about making my Spirit of Oya CD. I dreamed about it for three years, but just never made it happen. I was writing songs, singing my little heart out, and I even had people at gigs asking me if I had an album for sale. I had some valid reasons why I could not go after it during that time, but some of them were just excuses. The truth is, when you really want to do something, you will do it, fear or no fear.

Until I truly decided that I was going to get this album done, committed to the process and took the action steps needed to bring it to fruition, that album was just not going to happen. It was only after I felt the need to finally create my own album in my soul, my gut and in my bones that I honored it, came up with action steps and made it happen!

We often pull back when we are afraid, even when we are going after something we really want. You must be bold and set aside the fear and take the action steps to live what is in your heart.

Let’s get real. You’re going to keep feeling fear when you come up against challenges in your life, and there is no magic formula that’s going to get rid of it. But you can find ways to muster up the courage to do things in your life that is heartfelt – to get through challenges in order to live your ultimate purpose.

I believe with all my heart that you can let go of fear, connect with the love of what is most important to you and trust yourself to move forward.

You may have heard me talk about energy and how it flows through the universe. (I talk about it a lot!) Well, energy can be positive or negative. And that’s why you need to be careful of how you think. You can create a reality from what is in your mind – good or bad!

So, why would you want to wallow in negative nonsense or fear the worst when you have an amazing mind and an imagination that is capable of fantasizing about all of life’s incredible possibilities?

Here’s my challenge to you. Say your dream out loud. Go ahead. I’ll wait!

Now, say THIS out loud and really live with it: “I am manifesting my dream and living my life’s purpose.”

Now, step through that fear and go for it! What do you have to lose? Don’t let another day, week, month or year go by, trapped by your fear. Run away from that fear monster as fast as you can and towards being the best you possible!

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