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post title background How to create a space that will bring abundance

Where do you call home? Does it bring you joy?

What you surround yourself with, what you look at each and every day when you walk through your hallways should all make you feel vibrant, alive and happy!

When your environment is a crazy mess, you can’t feel at peace. When everything in your home makes you think of doom and gloom, pressure and stress, how can you find room for joy?

I believe in the idea that your body is your temple. I also believe that your home is your sanctuary. When you go home, you should breathe a sigh of relief the second you step in the door after a difficult day. It is a safe place where you should feel at peace.

Are you just not a neat person? Hey – it happens. But I encourage you to try to adopt a neat-er way of being. It can save you from the stress of trying to find missing things.

I know cleaning is not the most fun thing on the planet, but doesn’t it feel great to walk into a clean home … especially your clean home? If you think about that magical feeling, it will inspire you to take steps in the right direction.

I say this from a place of love: I challenge you to start taking steps to create the home environment of your dreams – the one where you are surrounded by ONLY things that make you feel joyful and want to be at home and at peace. You can help your environment help YOU manifest all you want in life.

Do you feel like you’re at war with your home? Are things broken, dirty, a mess … do you have clutter and a lot of things you just don’t use anymore? You and your home have to be in this together, living a life of joy and abundance! You must be harmonious.

Maybe you want a bigger, more luxurious space. Maybe you feel like every day you’re just holding out hope for that to come to you. It’s fine to want more, but where you are today at this moment is what will lead you to tomorrow, next month, next year and the place and time where you can have the home of your dreams!

You need to know that even if all you have is a modest small rental unit or a room, that is enough! We all started somewhere. But you also need to know that whining about your small space isn’t going to do anything but take up your valuable time.

I don’t want to sound like your mother, but, you MUST be thankful for what you have. Appreciate it and remember that there are people who do not have a space at all to call their own. If you are inside, in a bedroom, living room or somewhere else with a roof and walls, listening to me talk to you, you have a space that is yours – one that you can use to make your life start to blossom.

In the same way you honor your body, the home inside which your spirit lives, you need to honor your home! Your home is where you will create and become the best you can be. It is where you will start to believe in yourself so much that you will be able to make wonderful creations! Eventually, you will outgrow your space as your dreams take shape and help you prosper.

Today, let’s give thanks for our space and make a commitment to fill it with joy!

Star Point for the Week: Clear that clutter! That can start right now: Think about one thing in your home environment that no longer brings you joy. We all have one. Do you have something you are keeping around — a gift from an old boyfriend or girlfriend, a big clunky piece of broken-down furniture that is collecting dust in the corner — that no longer makes your heart sing? We all have one! What’s yours?

Star Action for the Week: Think about that one thing that no longer brings you joy, that’s just taking up space, bringing up bad memories, filling up your home with bad vibes. I think you know where I’m about to go with this. GET RID OF IT. Make a move to keep your home full of joy so you can clear that clutter and make space for your dreams to grow and thrive, so you can finally break free and be exactly who you are meant to be!

Don’t forget to tell me about all that’s happening with you. Post your comment on my Facebook page or YouTube channel. Let’s talk!

And remember, Rays of Light … don’t let anyone or anything dim your light!

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