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How to Celebrate You!

I’m about to give you a powerful gift. Ready? I am giving you permission to celebrate YOU.

When was the last time you stopped running around and sat down to take stock of everything you’ve accomplished? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been running, running, running, pushing yourself to achieve, accomplish, reach your goals … and you probably haven’t taken much time to sit back and take a breath and recharge.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been running around like a chicken with your head cut off … or maybe you feel like you’re trying to live your dream but are coming up short. You might feel like you don’t “deserve” a break.

I definitely appreciate that I have the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional energy to run as much as I do, as it allows me to reach my goals, but there are times that we all need to sit back, take a break and celebrate ourselves and everything we do, even if for just a moment. After all, your beautiful life is in progress, and what’s the point if you can’t enjoy it every once in a while?

We’re creative people, and we get in the habit of putting out project after project – moving onto the next thing without taking even a beat.

When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses?

I admire those who have the drive to keep going. But, there’s a difference between being persistent and pushing ahead towards accomplishment after accomplishment … and running yourself totally ragged.

I’m going to blow your mind: If you stop, the world isn’t going to fall apart, and no one is going to replace you. You are one of a kind! You will be more efficient and better equipped to reach your goals if you take a breath, dust yourself off, pat yourself on the back and recharge.

Now, maybe you’re in the middle of a project – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will only be around for a short time. That sort of “get it while it’s hot” situation will happen every once in a while, and sometimes you just have to keep powering through. But just make sure you take some time for yourself each month, quarter or year. Don’t let “get it while it’s hot” become “everything is hot, so I have to go get it!” Be selective, and know when to take some you time.

I know more than anyone that focusing on yourself like this – celebrating YOU by stepping away from the fire – can get tricky when you do what you love. Why would you want to step away?

Think about it this way: When you do what you love, you will feel that same level of energized when you take time off. Bask in a weekend of relaxation at a beautiful resort, enjoy a yummy, decadent meal out, or feel every inch of that massage, knowing that your hard work and joy is paying for all of it. You’ll bring that feeling back with you when you get back into the thick of it, and it will get you through the rough spots!

And there will be rough spots – times when your labors of love will feel like chores, when you feel stuck. Sometimes, these moments are the best times to relax, recharge and celebrate the work you have done. When you take a break and celebrate you and your hard work, you give yourself enough space for the answers about how to get through to the next goal to reveal themselves to you.

So please accept my gift: I joyfully give you permission to plan a getaway party for YOU. Why? YOU are worth it and YOU deserve it.

When the time is right, take a day, a long weekend, a week or even a month. Celebrate! You’re here, and you’re living your dream!

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