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post title background Emotions let us know we are alive

One of life’s greatest gifts is the ability to feel emotion, true emotion.  Whether elation or sadness, emotions let us know we are alive, that we feel.  The ability to feel emotion is something, we as human beings on this earth all share. There are many emotions in life that we experience. Some of course are more enjoyable than others!

It’s easy to accept the feelings that come to us of joy.  Those moments of happiness that are felt in the depth of our soul.  Each of us has different things in our life that may bring those feelings to light. Happiness can come in those day to day moments from things like sharing great conversation with a friend, a hug from a child, from a job well done.  And there are those “life’s amazing one of a kind” moments which will live forever in your heart.  Maybe it’s the birth of a child, learning that you got that perfect job you were waiting to hear about, sharing a glance with your love, or completing a major heartfelt project you have been working on.  The emotion of joy is not one that we fight. We treasure those feelings, and bask in them.

On the other hand, feelings of sadness aren’t as easy to accept.  But let’s face it, life isn’t perfect. Unlike joy, many times we may try to fight the emotion of sadness, trying to block it out, push it away, ignore it.  But my friend, in those moments in life where sadness comes, accept it. Face it, explore it, and then you will be able to move on. And move on you will!!!

Keep in mind your emotions are your emotions. We need to be careful about emotions that pop up as a result of someone else’s actions.  You know what I mean!  You heard that this one said that about you, something hurtful and now you feel horrible.  You sit and think about it, you are sad, you wonder what you did.  You know what?!  It is not worth the precious time we have here on earth! Don’t let someone else control your emotions.  YOU and you alone control how you react or respond to something.  We only have one life to live, don’t let anyone else dictate how you will feel!

And above all realize that emotions are something that let you experience life fully. Don’t be ashamed to laugh out loud with joy, cry in times of sorrow.  Be the person you are.  Emotions are a beautiful and allow us to feel and celebrate that we are alive. Enjoy feeling, feel fully and live!

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