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In a busy world where so many people are telling us what to look like, how to feel and how to live our lives, it can be challenging to take the time to genuinely connect with our Spirit. Yet, even with all our busy-ness, we need to take the time to honor Spirit.

But what exactly is “Spirit”?

The idea that we each have a Spirit inside us is so foreign to many, because we tend to get wrapped up in what is going on in the external world and what everyone around us is doing. I have learned from personal experience that it’s so easy to get distracted and end up being far removed from co-creating and connecting with our heart.  I truly believe that if we’re not careful and let ourselves be distracted for too long, we will find ourselves far removed from our true purpose.

You are a divine being, capable of sharing loving energy with the world, and we are all divine beings, sharing a real, human experience. This is why we should stop and take the time to check in with our Spirit regularly and ask, “What is my soul attempting to learn while I’m on this planet?” Adopting an attitude that has us quickly getting upset about everything that does not go our way, blaming others for all that is not quite right in our lives will not help enlighten our individual journeys and set us on a blessed path. If we approach every experience in life thinking, “What can I learn from this?” we will receive the special gifts that lead to profound growth.

Working on yourself and striving to become a more compassionate and loving person is the best way to find happiness, so you really do need to set aside time to have meaningful conversations with your inner voice. After all, your life does not belong to anyone else but you; it is your gift and your chance to share, create and express yourself. The more you clear up unresolved issues within yourself, the less you accuse others of causing you to struggle and the less you project negative vibes onto others, the more deeply you connect to your Spirit; your true gifts reveal themselves, and people see you change and begin to feel inspired to change themselves.

When you begin to heal and you shine your light, people experience your joy and see you as a source of loving change, encouragement and hope. Although you are just one person on the planet, when you adjust your mindset, your shift will prompt other shifts around you. So, as each individual finds peace, it causes a chain reaction that brings about a series of quantum shifts capable of healing others around the world.

In order to check in with where your Spirit is at this very moment, you need to look at your own actions — how you interact with the world. So many of us live, but do not think about our actions, or how they affect others and our universe:

Are your actions rooted in love, or in negativity?
How do you treat yourself … and others?
Are your actions reflective of who you are at your core … or are they being shaped by who the world expects you to be?

Sit back and really observe yourself. And be honest! Examining how you treat yourself and others and making yourself accountable for your actions will reveal deep truths about your Spirit. If you don’t like what you observe — if your actions aren’t the actions of the loving spirit you know is within you … why aren’t they? What has compelled you to act in a way that is out of character for the truth of YOU?

The fact is, in order to make peace with your loving Spirit, you need to be truthful and behave the way your Spirit would want you to behave. And in order for all of us to accomplish this serenity, we must be careful about believing we know best — that we know how everything should be at all times. At some point, we’ve all found ourselves saying, “He should do this,” or “She should have done this,” or “I should have done something different.

“Should” can be dangerous. It implies obligation, and it can lead to us judging ourselves and others. We need to go a little bit easier on ourselves and respect that each of us has our own individual process. You can certainly look back on an experience and say, “I should have done it this way.” But then, I would encourage you to acknowledge what you learned from that experience. Because, growth is a beautiful part of being human. And when you really learn a lesson from an experience that may seem like a “mistake” in hindsight, you will not have to repeat that struggle in the future. And that’s great news! We all have different approaches, different lessons to learn and different lives to live. We need to respect our own process and the processes of others.

Once you’ve soaked in what I’ve written above, ask yourself, “Am I far removed from my Spirit?” If your answer is, “Yes,” it’s okay. Don’t get depressed about it! You are not alone. There are so many people that get caught up with life, work and just living that connecting with their Spirit isn’t even on their radar.

Just be patient. You can slowly and comfortably start to take time to align with yourself by meditating on your heart and true thoughts, away from the craziness of day-to-day life. While getting away for a day or two is ideal, sometimes just taking a brief pause, a deep breath for a moment during your day can make a huge difference.

I personally love going away by myself for a day or two to regain a sense of clarity. And when I journal or just sit, think and connect, away from distractions like the ringing phone and emails, I get a sense of calm thinking about what is going on with me in the present and which dreams I am ready to manifest. I love getting calls and talking to clients, but we all have to quiet our minds, hearts and the external world and reach deep within to connect to our Spirit so we can be centered as we move through our lives.

And I can assure you, because I have experienced it:  When you connect to your spirit, life and purpose, there is nothing that can replace that amazing feeling. When you are clear about your mission and purpose, no matter what happens in your life, you will know who you are and what you stand for, which is powerful and enables you to accomplish so much. You know what resonates with you and are able to make choices from a grounded place. When challenges arise, instead of agonizing about life’s choices, you will feel like you can gracefully navigate and live joyously.

How would it feel to live a life of truth — to really show up every day the way you truly are, letting your spirit shine? How would it feel to be inspired, self loving and complete, no matter what anyone says or does, or who agrees with you?

The answer is … amazing!

And if that’s really the answer, what could be more important than the Spirit of YOU?

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