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The beginning of a new year is the time when everyone talks about change. One of the things I really enjoy teaching people about is the concept of “change for the better.” I love helping people connect and find ways to help others gracefully change for their greater good and happiness.

However, I have come to realize that this positive “change for the better” concept is not always about change. Sometimes it is about accepting yourself as you are. I think many of us get so wrapped up in change that sometimes we try to force ourselves to do things that really do not fit with who we are.

To be clear, by “accepting yourself as you are,” I’m not talking about being lazy or continuing to practice unhealthy behaviors. I am not saying that if you realize you don’t like to exercise, you shouldn’t go for a walk, or that if you don’t like to eat healthy, you should have donuts for breakfast every morning and fast food for lunch and dinner and say, “This is just who I am.”

“Accepting yourself as you are” means that you have to accept traits that you have and not go against your spirit simply because you fear that others will not accept you and you think you need to change for them. I definitely do not believe you should compromise yourself to make your friends or a new significant other happy. You might “fit in” with these people short term, but you will eventually realize you are losing yourself.

Because we can all sometimes feel compelled to change in ways that are not necessarily good for our spiritual energy, you have to ask yourself an important question when you are considering a transformation:

“Are you changing for yourself … or for someone else?”

In other words, is this change something that will help you grow and improve your life? Will this change uplift you, raise your vibration and spark your evolution into something bigger and better?

You can begin thinking about your own transformation by looking honestly within yourself at your many great qualities and the qualities within you that you might like to work on. Then realize your transformation is not necessarily about “change,” rather “acceptance.” You need to accept who you are and then fully stand in your own beauty and shine your light.

So many of us are so worried about fitting in and not being judged that we try to change ourselves when what we need to be doing is accepting ourselves and standing in our own authenticity. And that glorious authenticity, that beautiful acceptance is our true power.

You might be wondering, “Why?”

When we accept ourselves, we let go of the judgments that we once had and can truly allow ourselves to be ourselves. The authentic “you” is powerful and beautiful. And it feels so good to not put up a front or try to be something other than you are. Knowing that you are worthy and fantastic, just the way you are, is everything.

Acceptance can be a challenge when there are things about you that you do not like. But before you pass judgment on yourself, ask, “Do I not like these things because they make me not fit in, or because I’m afraid of what others might think of me or how they might judge me?” Before you release an aspect of yourself, think about whether letting go of it will truly make you a better person and allow your spirit to evolve.

So, go forth and make your change for the betterment of you. Then, accept yourself in all your glory and let your light shine bright!

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