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Monthly Archives: March 2017

post title background Make time to manifest your dreams

Today I’d like to share some thoughts with you about your creative space. First, though, let me ask you an important question. Do you often feel like you don’t have enough time to get your work done? I talk to a lot of creative, and there’s something they all have in common: A lot of them say they don’t have time to really get their best work done. This may sound a little harsh, but … “I have no time” is just an excuse. Maybe you’re thinking, “Who is she to tell me I’m not busy? She doesn’t know my … Continue reading »

post title background Respect Yourself to Find Love

I’ve had something on my mind lately, and I wanted to talk about it with you: Respect. Can you say you respect yourself? This question comes up in my work with clients, and I definitely talked about it in my book, The 5 Star Points of Success. But it’s also a question I ask myself when I’m taking a moment to check in with myself and connect with my spirit. When I’m thinking about a word and what it means to me, I usually head for the dictionary. So, let’s see what “respect” means. Here are two definitions: “A feeling … Continue reading »

post title background Pass Gracefully Through The Pain

I have been thinking a lot lately about this phrase: “This too shall pass.” Simply put, it means that everything we experience in this life, whether positive or negative, is temporary. But people usually say it to someone who is going through a painful time, whether physical, emotional or both! Do you know where that phrase comes from? I confess, I didn’t know for sure, so I did a little research, and it’s pretty interesting! It comes from writings by the medieval Persian poets. People often attribute it to an old fable about a king who is humbled when he … Continue reading »


Let’s Get Emotional Like Whitney Houston sang in her song “So Emotional.” Yes, “I get so emotional.” Emotions are one of the cornerstones of my patented 5 Star Points system, and I believe they are allies. One of life’s greatest gifts is the ability to feel true emotion. I’m sure you’ve heard emotions talked about in negative terms – even positive, big emotions that fill the world with joy are seen as obstacles! Have you ever cried happy tears of joy or deep tears of sorrow, had an outburst of feeling and been told, “Oh, stop it! You’re just so … Continue reading »