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Monthly Archives: November 2013

post title background Know Your Worth

How much are you worth? That can be a tough question for many of us to ask ourselves, but valuing yourself inside and aligning that self-worth with the actions you take in your life are very important to honoring your spirit and letting your light shine bright. With that idea in mind, dig a little deeper: Do you think what you do in your life is important? Do you feel that what you charge for the work you do is enough? Are you happy every time you get money from your client, or do you find yourself experiencing guilt or … Continue reading »

post title background Powerful Social Media Management

I remember many years ago when a director friend told me about Facebook. At first, I resisted using it. I was already on Myspace and thought, “Why do I need to also be on Facebook?” First of all, I really didn’t feel like doing the extra work. And second, I am a pretty private person, so I felt like getting on another social media site would mean revealing personal information about myself that made me a bit uncomfortable. It’s pretty funny to look back on my resistance now: Today, if you don’t have a Facebook page in the entertainment industry … Continue reading »