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Monthly Archives: December 2012

post title background Reaching High for Positive Vibrations

Because of the work I do, I often have the pleasure of coming into contact with many amazing and creative people who shine bright, reach high and stand out above the crowd with their positive vibrations. But I also meet others who are dimming their lights and giving into negative thoughts in order to fit in or “stay under the radar.” What about you? Are you reaching high for positive vibrations and big dreams … or are you letting yourself play too small? Ever since I was very small, I have always been very excited about the world and interested … Continue reading »

post title background How to Tune Yourself Like an Instrument

Staying in tune with yourself is incredibly important. Just like a guitar, a piano or any other instrument, we can sometimes get out of tune. And when we find we are out of tune, this is exactly when we need to make adjustments. When we meet a special person that has that “certain something” we can’t put into words, we will often say, “I love his/her vibe.” I think the fact that we so often put our sense of other people in these terms says something really important about us:  We all resonate on a certain vibration or frequency. And … Continue reading »