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Monthly Archives: September 2012

post title background Oya Releases debut Album – Spirit of Oya

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE INDEPENDENT ARTIST, OYA RELEASES DEBUT ALBUM “SPIRIT OF OYA” Energizing Through Music and Art September 26, 2012, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OYA, independent singer/songwriter has released her debut album “Spirit of OYA”, showcasing her versatility as a vocalist and emotional fearlessness as an artist. This fusion project of R&B/Soul, Jazz, Gospel and Funk, is a musical depiction of Oya’s journey, filled with life, love, inspiration and light. Oya’s voice navigates a wide range of melodies, from gentle, lyrical ballads to playfully improvised jazz tracks and uplifting gospel-inspired tunes. All celebrate her influences and paints a vivid picture … Continue reading »

post title background Spirit of Oya CD released September 23, 2012

  It’s September 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dream as a little girl and big girl for that matter has come true. LOL 🙂 My CD SPIRIT OF OYA dedicated to my Father has been officially released on his Birthday and now avail on iTunes! Happy Birthday Father! I Thank God for your loving and powerful Spirit in assisting me in becoming the woman and artist I am today! Okey dokey everyone now go click on iTunes link below and go download SPIRIT OF OYA and help me celebrate Father’s Bday :0) iTunes  – digital download Also Available on the following sites: SPIRIT … Continue reading »

post title background Journey to a supportive environment

I want to take you on a short journey.  Close your eyes and imagine your home. Picture yourself putting the key in the door, turning the key and walking in.  Look straight ahead and to the left and right. Now in your imagination, move through your home, each room. Take in what it looks like, what it smells like, how each room makes you feel. Open your eyes and take a moment or two to take in those feelings.  Absorb them into your soul so you can really, truly feel. For the next part of the journey, I want you … Continue reading »

post title background Oya’s photo shoot for the Spirit of Oya CD

YOU TUBE LINK FOR BEHIND THE SCENES ON OYA’S PHOTO SHOOT    http://youtu.be/ZQjEt6BwbrY Check me and my team out behind the scenes on the Spirit of Oya CD photo shoot. This was  a very special day for me because this photo shoot was for my childhood dream. To be taking pictures for my CD was a bit surreal but it felt so good. Over the years I have produced several shoots so it was wonderful to put a team together that I felt could take control and allow me to just be the artist. I wanted something very specific and … Continue reading »

post title background Emotions let us know we are alive

One of life’s greatest gifts is the ability to feel emotion, true emotion.  Whether elation or sadness, emotions let us know we are alive, that we feel.  The ability to feel emotion is something, we as human beings on this earth all share. There are many emotions in life that we experience. Some of course are more enjoyable than others! It’s easy to accept the feelings that come to us of joy.  Those moments of happiness that are felt in the depth of our soul.  Each of us has different things in our life that may bring those feelings to … Continue reading »